Our firm has substantial experience handling divorces where children have special needs. Corrie was recognized by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers for her work in preparing the booklet “Navigating the Divorce Process When You Have a Child with Special Needs.”

When there is a child with special needs our firm will help you consider what your child’s special needs are and we will walk you through how your negotiation or case needs to take their needs into account.  For example, the Virginia Child Support Guidelines alone will not address all of the extra expenses related to additional service, medical care, therapies, or equipment.  Disability-related expenses will become part of the equation for your trial or for your agreement.  You and your spouse may not even agree on your child’s needs or abilities.

Generally, child support and custody end when a child emancipates.  However, some parents of children with special needs will find themselves having to deal with lifelong considerations for their child and possibly even co-parenting well beyond what a typical family does.  Because of this possibility, other types of experts, such as a financial advisor or trusts and estates attorney, may need to be brought in to assess the situation with your family law attorney. If you have a child with special needs, it is also important that you have an attorney that understands how child support, equitable distribution and life insurance may negatively impact government benefits unless they are paid in the form of a special needs trust.


NOVA Legal Professionals will be the strongest advocate for your child. We will understand your child’s unique situation and special needs, help you create a plan and persuade the judge that your plan is in the best interests of your child. Read more about how we have helped our clients here.

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