I would like to commend Alisa for her high standard of care, knowledge, and intelligence. She has worked diligently in getting me through my divorce and property settlement.

Alisa worked conscientiously and thoroughly over this past year to achieve this milestone for me and I have realized the benefits of her notable professionalism in the ability to work with people, her legal experience, management skills, and the success of her methods.

Alisa possesses enormous integrity, compassion, honesty, and responsibility. Personally, I would trust Alisa with any issue, whether professional or personal.

I learned quickly that Alisa is a through, highly regarded, and a very successful person who earned the admiration of people that were fortunate enough to work with her. I can confidently recommend Alisa as a solid and reliable Attorney, and an expert in her field; our work relationship was both positive and rewarding.

There is no doubt that Alisa is now and will always be an invaluable member of any law firm; and a friendly and throughtful person to any human being.

– Anonymous


Alisa Chunephisal is a personable and professional attorney that helped guide me through a messy child support case (paternal). What’s most impressive, is that Alisa did not draw out my case for a more profitable gain. She is very cognizant of the cost/risk/reward for her clients which I greatly appreciated, as I do not have a-lot of experience traversing the family law space. If you want a candid lawyer that will be honest and fair with you, then I HIGHLY recommend Ms. Chunephisal.

– Vincent


Alisa did an excellent job in managing the execution of my divorce. As this is a very difficult time, it is important to have a trusted advisor who can work to support your personal and financial goals with the most appropriate strategy. She is both highly professional and caring in her approach to your unique situation.

– Anonymous


I was very lucky to get Alisa as my lawyer for my divorce case. It’s hard to find a lawyer that you can trust and to look out for your best interests. She understood my position and limitations and worked really hard on my case. She is an effective communicator and a smart lawyer that stayed on top of everything. Divorce affects everyone differently and for me it was really difficult emotionally and mentally so I felt safe and protected with her. Having talked to quite a few other lawyers previously and working with another lawyer before her, I could tell that she actually cared about her clients. She’s become more that just my lawyer and if I were to be in a situation where I need legal help in the future (hopefully that won’t happen!) she would be the first person I’d turn to. I can’t thank her enough.

– J.A.


Corrie is so caring and knowledgeable and she’s a real fighter! I went through a very lengthy, difficult divorce and Corrie was simply fantastic! She is very detailed and advocated on my behalf on many levels. Thankfully I was in her very capable hands through this because she helped prevent me from being cheated out of assets and money I deserved. She was my rock! I felt like I earned a friend having had her representing me through this extremely difficult time. I strongly recommend Corrie Sirkin-Don’t get divorced without her help!

– A.W


Rarely heard of anyone saying anything pleasant about divorce. Especially a lot of legal documents, division of property, child custody and even down to tax involved. I have to say a big thank you to Alisa. She explained everything in a very straight forward manner at least made it easier for me. A lot of kind consideration from Alisa, she gave me a clear guideline of how to process the matter. I don’t want to spend anything more then necessary for the divorce, at the very least I’d rather spend it on my child instead. Alisa helped me going through what’s necessary and what’s not, I really appreciated what she has done for me . I didn’t have much to start with (not until we divided everything properly ), so I have to make every penny worth . A lot of pain and anger throughout but at least it was handled with grace. Alisa also contributed excellent suggestions that I didn’t even think of. She made sure that my child is well provided and all the way to his college fund. I was kind of regret not to take on her recommendation of obtain a court order to change my name, seems simple and easy, a trip to DMV is all it takes. I was so wrong, it took me 3 months, 5 trips to DMV before settled a simple matter like this. I highly recommended Alisa, she is very experienced and professional, most of all she will work with you and suit your needs, and very understanding with every particular situation.

– J.W.


Excellent client services.  Alisa Chunephisal was able to work with us on our long term plan and was very diligent with the details. We were able to meet every milestone we set. Preparation for mediation was great which resulted in not needing the final hearing to go through. We were able to get a transfer of jurisdiction and an ultimate ruling that placed my daughters needs above feelings. Alisa was able to establish there is a difference between being a great parent and being just adequate.

– Lee


I have had an excruciating custody battle going on over several states and was at wit’s end when I met Alisa Chunephisal. She is truly an angel.

Alisa is one of 5 attorneys I’ve hired for this process and she is by far the best. She is extremely professional, prompt and reliable – things you truly want and need when going through court, especially when your children are at stake. Alisa is a mother as well, which I believe gives her the extra empathy that a parent wants when they are being dragged through court processes. My son is the absolute most important person in the world to me and I am forever grateful that I had Alisa’s support during this, my most traumatic time. Alisa worked tirelessly and went above and beyond for my case – reaching out to attorneys in other states both on my behalf and when she didn’t need to.

Frankly, I have been stressed, emotional, needy and, surely, difficult to deal with. Alisa handled all of it with poise and grace. She assuaged my concerns and made herself frequently available when I was worrying. She reached out to peers/other professionals/subject experts as needed to ensure she was tackling my issues in the best way. She checked in on my case after our work was over. She gave me the one thing I had truly lost: Hope.

I can never thank you enough, Alisa. I will be forever grateful and I hope this review does even an ounce of justice for how incredible you are.

– Dominique P.


I would highly recommend Ms. Sirkin, She’s very professional & knowledgeable at her job. She answer all my questions and made it easy to communicate with her. She’s the best!!

– Sandra A.


Corrie is so caring and knowledgeable and she’s a real fighter! I’ve been going through a very lengthy, difficult divorce and Corrie has been simply fantastic! She is very detailed and advocated on my behalf on many levels. Thankfully I was in her very capable hands throughout this because she helped prevent me from being cheated out of assets and money I deserved. She was my rock! I felt like I earned a friend having had her representing me through this extremely difficult time! I strongly recommend Corrie Sirkin! Don’t get divorced without her help!

– Amy W.


Ms Sirkin was great choice for me and my situation. She was responsive when I needed a response and looked out for my best interests. She was also very direct about expectations on how the process would go. I have already recommended her to friends that need a good divorce lawyer.

– Jason D.


Corrie was professional and understanding of my situation. She was very knowledgeable about my legal situation. Corrie was supportive and honest. I highly recommend her services.

– Renee


Corrie Sirkin is more than just an Attorney. She genuinely cares about her clients and is very knowledgeable. She is very proactive in protecting her clients in all areas of family law. She specializes in separation, divorce, child custody (she is an advocate for special-need children), child support, spousal support, assets distribution and…last but not the least if abuse (whether it is emotional, or mental or physical), addiction and affair are involved. When my husband and I went through a very painful separation, I felt lost and scared. I always cried and shook during our meetings at her office, but Corrie not only held my hands, she thoroughly explained the law and calmly guided me on what to do. She is truly a wonderful human being, and I feel so blessed to have known her. If you are looking for a truly caring, and compassionate Family Attorney, I highly recommend Corrie Sirkin.

– Lova


I was recommended to hire Ms. Sirkin through reference of a family member. My case, as most family law cases, had me at a very high stress and emotional level. Ms. Sirkin was very patient with listening to all the details of my “not so typical” requests, and stated by VA law and her experience what path I should follow. Not only did Ms. Sirkin give me what I consider the best legal advice for what I needed right now – but she did foresee into the future many situations that could possibly arise which would require legal intervention, and had that handled as best as possible, as of course we can’t predict the future, but she certainly made me feel confident as a client that I was protected.

Through the years I have had interactions with several family law attorneys. Ms. Sirkin comes highly recommended by me. On a scale of 1-10, she gets an 11 for professionalism, knowledge of the law, compassion, and getting my case handled in an extremely efficient and fast manner.

Originally posted on Yelp

– Bonny D.


Corrie is very hardworking, responsive and detail-oriented. Her professionalism is highly commendable and her knowledge of NJ Family Law is outstanding. My divorce case took 20 months due to other reasons, but Corrie was very patient and supportive every step of the way. She promptly responded to every phone call and email from me and thoroughly explained the legal process at every stage. Due to her knowledge of the law, hard work and thoughtfulness, the outcome of my case was much better than I expected. I’ll highly recommend her to anyone who requires Family Law services.

– Anonymous


Corrie is an excellent attorney. She was extremely helpful in a world I knew nothing about. She made me feel comfortable and much less stressed and anxious at a terrible time in my life.

– Anonymous


Corrie is very professional, knowledgeable and understanding, she was aware of my concerns and what was important to me, and that was her focus. While divorce is such a frustrating thing and sometimes your emotions get in the way of making the right decision, fortunate enough, Corrie always kept in the direction of my original plan to protect my son.

– Anonymous


Corrie was always professional and keep me informed on every step of my divorce. She frequently listened to my meltdowns and talked me off the ledge. She was realistic and informative about what she thought would happen in my divorce.
Corrie didn’t look at divorce as billable hours, she has a true concern for what’s going on and how to help people through these difficult times.

– Linda


Corrie was reliable, professional, and knowledgeable while handling a difficult case with ease. When I felt I had nowhere else to turn Corrie took complete control of my case and guided me each step of the way, keeping me informed of what was needed and offering advice for how I should proceed. I would highly recommend her.

– Anonymous


I have to say that Corrie Sirkin truly is a fabulous lawyer! I was struck by her positive attitude, and her ability to see a way forward and find solutions during a very dark and fearful time for myself and my children.Her knowledge of the law is vast- and her ability to explain it to me, and more so, apply it,offered great comfort. She really listened to what I needed as a solution, and guided me. Corrie made the ‘law’ and the ‘legal process’ less intimidating to me. I felt supported throughout the entire process. My calls and emails were always answered. She worked tirelessly and thoroughly on motion responses- indeed everything She always had good ideas.I got my life back- and so did my children.I am ever grateful to her.

– Elizabeth


I needed someone to help me to represent my interest without me been too much involved.  Since the day I worked with Alisa, I was pretty much sheltered from all the depressing conversations and still well-informed with all the critical information. I want to say thank you so much for your help and support from the deepest of my heart.” – S.D.


Alisa Chunephisal was great to work with. She was hard working, knowledgeable, and professional. I heard compliments through my ex about her about her professionalism from opposing council during the process. – M.D.


Ms. Chunephisal went above and beyond to represent my case through to the end.  She was extremely professional, technically competent, possessed a deep insight of the process, provided reliable counsel, and timely responses. I really enjoyed working with her because she made me feel at ease with the entire legal process to ensure we achieved the desired results. – C.F.


At a very stressful and emotional time Corrie and her law firm delivered in providing me closure in my divorce and creating peace in my world. At times I had doubts because of the judicial system, but Corrie was there for me at my worst times. Its a situation no one wants to be involved in, but it does become a reality. The professionalism and resolution in the process was priceless.

– Anonymous


Corrie was right there when she was needed to answer questions. I didn’t understand much about what I was walking into. Everything was explained very well without making me feel clueless. I loved how she was able to keep me calm and reassured. Very comfortable to talk to.

– Anonymous


I went on avvo looking for legal representation for my fiancee and I; he was fighting for primary custody of his teenage daughter. I have never called a firm for a consult and the attorney speak with me directly for over an hour giving free legal advice. Corrie was very caring and attentive from our first conversation; thats what made me choose her.
During our proceedings, she was on top of everything. I was able to just call/email her at anytime, day or night. Her response turn around time was unbelievable. She even called me back during her vacation!!!
Needless to say, just through mediation, my fiancee’s daughter is now living with us and visiting with her mom every other weekend.
We can’t thank her enough and even though this decision is not final yet, we are very hopeful that with Corrie on our side, we are in for the best results!

– Anonymous


My divorce involved young children, an irrational spouse, and some moderate complications. I would highly recommend Corrie to anyone seeking a divorce attorney with experience, good negotiating skills, who pays attention to the details and keeps costs under control. I interviewed several divorce law firms, and change attorneys once, so I feel I have a wider experience than some clients. Compared to my first attorney, Corrie and her law firm … have been outstanding. When I asked the difficult questions about possible outcomes, I got realistic experience-based answers instead of a vague ultra-conservative answer. I could act of these pragmatic answers. Corrie helped manage my spouse’s irrational behavior and we arranged a successful 50/50 custody. For the economic issues, her analytical approach and attention to details far exceeded my previous divorce attorney, and my spouse’s divorce attorney. She guided me when crafting my economic proposals, and whilst we did not get anywhere near her initial suggestions, I am happy with the negotiated outcome and it considers the long term. My divorce is now over, but Corrie has been a reliable guide through a tough year. Most importantly, I’ve learnt that I can trust Corrie, and that’s probably the highest recommendation I can give.

– Anonymous