wills attorneyWill-based estate planning is our basic option.  For many families and individuals ensuring a will, guardianship for children, power of attorney, and advance medical directive is in place provides peace of mind and a rulebook to follow, for your care and the management of your finances and family.  You may also need to update these documents after your divorce.

Without this basic estate plan established, your family will face multiple court hearings, costs and delays associated with guardianship and conservatorship proceedings.  And then this default plan, is not nearly as good as the plan you would have written for yourself.  In essence without these documents in place your appointed-by-the-court agents have all the power, with no instructions from you.  This leads to stress, conflict and problems for family members left behind.  At times these no-planning, court-appointed arrangements then lead to fiduciary litigation over mismanagement.

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