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Collaborative Divorce


What is Collaborative Divorce?  

Collaborative Divorce is a unique practice in which the spouses promise to keep the case out of court and negotiate a settlement which resolves all the issues related to the marriage without costly litigation.  The goal is to address the interests and needs of the family and to solve problems with a team of professionals to reach an agreement with less stress and hostility than a traditional divorce.   

Who is on the team?  

Each party will have their lawyer and a team of neutral professionals to include a financial specialist, child specialist, and mental health professional working towards resolution.   

What is the process? 

  • The parties will first sign a Collaborative Participation Agreement;  
  • The parties will assemble their team or professionals; 
  • The parties' goals, interests, and needs will be shared with the team and begin brainstorming ideas to resolve the case; 
  • The parties will work with the team members to reach a resolution that fits the needs of the parties and their family;  
  • The attorneys for the parties will draft a settlement agreement that captures the various resolutions and the parties will sign the settlement agreement; and,  
  • Once the statutory deadlines have been met for filing, the attorneys will work together to get a final resolution through a final order of divorce in court.  

VA Divorce Lawyers

NOVA Legal Professionals can help you with the Collaborative Divorce process to save you stress and legal fees during your divorce process.  Read more about how we have helped our clients here

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