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Empathetic, Prompt, and Reliable

I have had an excruciating custody battle going on over several states and was at wit's end when I met Alisa Chunephisal. She is truly an angel.

Alisa is one of 5 attorneys I've hired for this process and she is by far the best. She is extremely professional, prompt and reliable - things you truly want and need when going through court, especially when your children are at stake. Alisa is a mother as well, which I believe gives her the extra empathy that a parent wants when they are being dragged through court processes. My son is the absolute most important person in the world to me and I am forever grateful that I had Alisa's support during this, my most traumatic time. Alisa worked tirelessly and went above and beyond for my case - reaching out to attorneys in other states both on my behalf and when she didn't need to.

Frankly, I have been stressed, emotional, needy and, surely, difficult to deal with. Alisa handled all of it with poise and grace. She assuaged my concerns and made herself frequently available when I was worrying. She reached out to peers/other professionals/subject experts as needed to ensure she was tackling my issues in the best way. She checked in on my case after our work was over. She gave me the one thing I had truly lost: Hope.

I can never thank you enough, Alisa. I will be forever grateful and I hope this review does even an ounce of justice for how incredible you are. 
– Dominique P.

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