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A Wonderful, Compassionate and Knowledgeable Family Attorney

Corrie Sirkin is more than just an Attorney. She genuinely cares about her clients and is very knowledgeable. She is very proactive in protecting her clients in all areas of family law. She specializes in separation, divorce, child custody (she is an advocate for special-need children), child support, spousal support, assets distribution and...last but not the least if abuse (whether it is emotional, or mental or physical), addiction and affair are involved. When my husband and I went through a very painful separation, I felt lost and scared. I always cried and shook during our meetings at her office, but Corrie not only held my hands, she thoroughly explained the law and calmly guided me on what to do. She is truly a wonderful human being, and I feel so blessed to have known her. If you are looking for a truly caring, and compassionate Family Attorney, I highly recommend Corrie Sirkin.


– Lova

NOVA Legal Professionals

With almost 25 years of combined legal experience, we provide common sense, thoughtful, creative solutions with you and your children's best interests in mind. We will be conscientious of your time and money and attempt to reach an agreement with the least possible emotional strain and financial cost.
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