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My divorce involved young children, an irrational spouse, and some moderate complications. I would highly recommend Corrie to anyone seeking a divorce attorney with experience, good negotiating skills, who pays attention to the details and keeps costs under control. I interviewed several divorce law firms, and change attorneys once, so I feel I have a wider experience than some clients. Compared to my first attorney, Corrie and her law firm ... have been outstanding. When I asked the difficult questions about possible outcomes, I got realistic experience-based answers instead of a vague ultra-conservative answer. I could act of these pragmatic answers. Corrie helped manage my spouse's irrational behavior and we arranged a successful 50/50 custody. For the economic issues, her analytical approach and attention to details far exceeded my previous divorce attorney, and my spouse's divorce attorney. She guided me when crafting my economic proposals, and whilst we did not get anywhere near her initial suggestions, I am happy with the negotiated outcome and it considers the long term. My divorce is now over, but Corrie has been a reliable guide through a tough year. Most importantly, I've learnt that I can trust Corrie, and that's probably the highest recommendation I can give.

– Anonymous

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With almost 25 years of combined legal experience, we provide common sense, thoughtful, creative solutions with you and your children's best interests in mind. We will be conscientious of your time and money and attempt to reach an agreement with the least possible emotional strain and financial cost.
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