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Enormous integrity, compassion, honesty

I would like to commend Alisa for her high standard of care, knowledge, and intelligence. She has worked diligently in getting me through my divorce and property settlement.

Alisa worked conscientiously and thoroughly over this past year to achieve this milestone for me and I have realized the benefits of her notable professionalism in the ability to work with people, her legal experience, management skills, and the success of her methods.

Alisa possesses enormous integrity, compassion, honesty, and responsibility. Personally, I would trust Alisa with any issue, whether professional or personal.

I learned quickly that Alisa is a through, highly regarded, and a very successful person who earned the admiration of people that were fortunate enough to work with her. I can confidently recommend Alisa as a solid and reliable Attorney, and an expert in her field; our work relationship was both positive and rewarding.

There is no doubt that Alisa is now and will always be an invaluable member of any law firm; and a friendly and throughtful person to any human being.

– Anonymous

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With almost 25 years of combined legal experience, we provide common sense, thoughtful, creative solutions with you and your children's best interests in mind. We will be conscientious of your time and money and attempt to reach an agreement with the least possible emotional strain and financial cost.
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